Monday, April 12, 2010

Baithak 17 - Short but Sweet Baithak

Summary of Dheemtana Baithak 17: March 27th, 2010

Baithak 17 was short and very sweet - we had performances by three young Hindustani vocalists,
all students of Shri Nachiketa Sharma.

Apurva Chakravorty started the spring evening with Raag Brindaavani Saarang, singing the somber
Ghana Gagan Garajata in Madhalaya Jhaptaal, followed by the brisk Jaaun Mein Tope Balihaari
in Drut Teentaal. Apurva delivered melodious alaaps, and high energy sargam taans all with a
pleasing level of confidence and competence, in only her second performance at Dheemtana.
Accompanying Apurva on tabla was Smt. Rama Garimella, and on harmonium Shishir Neelakant,
both veterans of Dheemtana Baithaks.

Prachi Prasad was next, with Raag Alhaiya Bilawal. Prachi sang three compositions - Le Teri Lakadi in
Madhayalaya Jhaptaal, then Roke Thaado Gail Mori in drut Teental, followed by a sprightly Tarana.
Prachi was melodious throughout, and her voice in the taar saptak was specially beautiful, with bell-like clarity.
Prachi has grown impressively as a performer, since her maiden performance at Dheemtana, about a year ago.
Accompanying Prachi supportively on tabla and harmonium were Smt. Rama Garimella and Medha Korwar.

Sarathi Garimella was the third performer, singing Raag Durga. Sarathi sang the vilambit Sundara Roopa Salone
in Rupak taal, and Man Mohana Jaa in drut Teentaal. Sarathi navigated the wordy vilambit bandish carefully taal-wise,
and did well with alaaps, layakaari and taans. Sarathi closed the evening with a heartfelt Nanak Bhajan -
Sumiran Karle
in raga Gara, set in Bhajani taal. After finishing, Sarathi drew sustained applause when it was
announced that this was his first solo public performance. Accompanying him on tabla was his mother, Smt. Rama,
and on harmonium Shishir Neelakant, both able saathis.

The heart-warming performances by these youngsters, the festive stage and backdrop, and good snacks and company,
all made it a satisfying evening for the encouraging Dheemtana audience.

The next Baithak is Saturday, May 1st, 6:15 pm, again in Los Altos Library.
See you there!

Call for Performers:

We welcome requests for performance slots by all student performers - both adults and children, in all categories -
instrumental, vocal, Carnatic, Hindustani, and from all Bay area Indian Classical music schools.

We request that you attend at least two Baithaks before your performance Baithak.
Here is a link to other performer guidelines.

The upcoming Baithak 18 on May 1st has a full agenda, there are currently two open spots for Baithak 19 on June 13th.
Here is the Baithak calendar for the remainder of 2010:

Baithak 18: Saturday, May 1st
Baithak 19: Sunday, June 13th
Baithak 20: Saturday, July 31st OR Sunday Aug 1st, Home Baithak
Baithak 21: Saturday, September 18th - Anniversary Baithak
Baithak 22: Saturday, October 30th
Baithak 23: Saturday, December 18th

Please send in slot requests to, or to
Likewise if you would like to host Baithak 20, the home Baithak this summer.

Thank you,
Dheemtana Baithaks.

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