Sunday, April 5, 2009

Baithak 13 - Season of change

Arrival of Spring

Change is in the air all around us, Dheemtana definitely is not immune to this. The Baithak 13 heralded this with new artists on the stage, and an amalgamation of raags. The organization of the baithaks become streamlied with some of the activities being handed over to committees. Thanks to Kalyani Prasad for volunteering to handle the food committee which was a little lacking since we moved the venue to Los Altos Library hall. Yesterday's feast at the end of baithak made sure this is changed for good. Dheemtana has been fortunate that Annaji Garimella has de-facto become the Video Committee head, we have been recording all the videos but due to the lack of internet bandwidth we are forced not to put up the videos. We will try to use some of the free streaming sites to add these videos into, and link it to our sites. This a definite change that has to happen.

Baithak 13 started with the first of the new artists, Sonia Dubey, she presented Raag Durga. A wonderful rendition, a short but sweet performance. She was accompanied on the harmonium by Rhucha Joshi, who did a fantastic job on the peti, on tabla was Rhucha's brother Rahul Joshi who did a wonderful job on the tabla. Dheemtana would definitely do more with these younsters in the team. Sonia's raagdhari, and presentation skills was worth mentioning.

Prachi Prasad, yet another first timer, did a superb job of Raag Tilak Khamod. The "Begi Begi Aaye Hari" was wonderfully rendered, and fitting invitation to spring was her "Koyaliya Bole Ambhuwa". She performed on the stage with ease of a well honed performer, which she definitely is going to be soon. She was accompanied on the tabla by Nikhil Joshi, who Dheematana has seen from Baithak 1, and he definitely is a testament to Dheemtana's motto of perfection through performance. On the harmonium was yet another Dheemtana stalwart Medha Korwar, she is blossoming to be a good harmonium player.

Priyank Desai, continued the journey of Baithak 13 with a beautiful rendition of Raag Yaman on bansuri. He stepped in to fill up the slot vacated by Pramod Korwar as he was down with the spring affected flu. Nikhil once again proved that even without any practice he can accompany as well as with practices. His saath for Priyank's flute was simply superb.

Shishir Neelakant, followed Priyank with a rendition of Raag Nand. He rendered two traditional bandishes accompanied yet again buy Nikhil on tabla and Medha on harmonium. It seems that the Nikhil-Medha duo are becoming quite a combination to reckon with. Shishir rendered his alaaps, and was highlighted with his layakaris which he improvised very well.

Anand Karve did complete justice to the Raag Multani which he played with ease on his 22 Shruthi harmonium. The ease at which he rendered the raag was a treat to watch and hear. Satish Tare-Ji accompanied him on the tabla, words cannot express the delight he gives when you listen to his hands flying across the tabla. Dheemtana is indebted to him for his continued support and encouragement. The pair of Anand and Satish-Ji on stage was a fitting finale for the baithak.

Once again the baithak was a complete amalgamation of talent, different raags and moods. All in all the baithak itself was perfect to herald the arrival of spring and the young and young at heart artists ensured that the hearts of the audience springed with joy.

The website has been updated, and we will post this commentary on the blog. Dheemtanites are encourage to blog regarding the baithaks and post their comments so we can improve as a team and as individual performers.